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DFE Shaker Screens are setting the standard for product integrity and performance.  DFE Shaker Screens manufactures a complete line of replacement screens for all shale shakers in the oil field drilling industry.  Whether your vibratory shaker is linear, elliptical or a circular motion machine, DFE can provide a quality screen for you. To go to our online ordering website please go to www.dfeshakerscreens.com

HDX...Optimising Screen Performance

DFE's newly developed HDX shale shaker screen is designed to last longer, handle higher flow rates, resist blinding, and remove fine solids.

A good deal of screen failures can be blamed on the abrasive wear on the screen cloth.
The HDX cloth offers wire diameters of up to 50% thicker than conventional screens.
These thicker wires are stronger and more resistant to help ensure longer screen life.

The HDX is a rectangular weave with an aspect ratio (the length to width ratio of its opening) specifically designed to provide maximum flow capacity without sacrificing integrity of its opening size. Meshes with higher aspect ratios tend to open and allow more solids to pass through.

The HDX combines high flow capacity performance of an aspect ratio rectangular mesh and the fine solids removal of a square mesh. Plus the HDX screen cloth is built to extend screen life.
Less Blinding with HDX Screen Cloth

The HDX weave has the inherent qualities of a multi-layer rectangular mesh screen. This advantage of resisting particle blinding avoids the associated cost of fluid loss over screens that “blind off.” Screen blinding occurs when particles become trapped and lodge themselves in the mesh. By using the HDX (compared to a square mesh) the tendency for blinding is reduced.

HDX MESH: D50 Separation:Conductance Value:
HDX 84 1913.80
HDX 110 1563.33
HDX 140 1222.67
HDX 175 1002.30
HDX 210 862.04
HDX 250 751.65

RDX Screens Reduce Operators Drilling Costs

In the past, screen purchases were made purely on the basis of price, and Screen performance was hardly a consideration. However, due to the demanding changes of drilling operations the screens overall performance is now paramount.

The RDX mesh screen is a strong triple layer screen whose design includes wire diameters over 75% thicker than conventional screens, and 30% thicker than other suppliers “premium” screens. These thicker wires are more resistant to the wear and tear and ensure longer screen life.

The RDX also offers finer solids separation. Field test prove that some screens provided do not perform as they should, by allowing finer solids through when they should be removed. RDX mesh weave does not lose its opening integrity during operation enabling it to remove finer solids.

When an RDX screen is named a 210 you can be sure that it will perform like it should. Longer screen life and finer solids separation come together to make the RDX screen a solid choice for any equipment.

RDX MESH: D50 Separation:Conductance Value:
RDX 84 1894.20
RDX 110 1402.86
RDX 140 1251.88
RDX 175 1041.41
RDX 210 851.14
RDX 250 661.08

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