DFE can provide qualified and experienced personnel for the following services:

  • Solids control engineering
  • Drilling waste management
  • Rig mud system audits
  • Solid liquid separation design service
  • Liquid mud plant design and management
  • Trenchless operation waste recovery systems

DFE has a strong reputation built on solid independent technical expertise that benefits both your operation, environment and bottom line.

To discuss how we can help deliver cost effective solutions to your drilling operations, please contact our nearest office to speak with our technical staff.



Solids Control System Evaluation

DFE can dispatch one of its experienced solids control engineers to do a full evaluation on your rigs solids control system. Right from the shale shakers through to the centrifuge system can be reviewed with recommendations on the systems actual capabilities, condition, immediate maintenance requirements and proposals for future improvements. A comprehensive report can help rig managers or owners plan and cost for the future and help give them an independent view and assist in aligning operators and rig contractors expectations

SBM / OBM Conversion Audit

Getting a rig ready for drilling using Synthetic or Oil based drilling fluids is a comprehensive process. There are many aspects to consider from what rubbers are installed in valves, drill floor fluid containment systems, shock hose requirements and spill procedures to name a few. DFE's experience and proven inspection systems can eliminate costly oversights that are difficult to deal with once a rig is mobilised and operating with oil based fluids. DFE can also manage the pre-project rig fit out process to ensure all necessary steps are taken to SBM proof your rig.

Drilling Waste Management Audit

Drilling projects waste management is a key area of any drilling project and DFE can assist in helping you manage your drilling wastes. Whether you are looking for assistance with developing systems for environmental compliance or looking for options for a truly zero discharge operation DFE can evaluate your drilling operation accordingly. With experience in working in many countries worldwide we are well placed to interpret local authority waste management requirements and advise you accordingly.