Suppliers of drilling fluids processing equipment and solutions.

Whether it's keeping your drilling fluid working to its full potential whilst drilling, or building an engineered space to mix, store and maintain it, DFE can help meet your drilling needs.


Maximise drilling fluids recovery with our cutting-edge line of decanting centrifuges, shale shakers, mud cleaners, and more! Engineered for excellence and endurance, our equipment redefines efficiency, separating solids and liquids effortlessly. 

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Designed to optimise your drilling fluids performance, storage and recovery, our offerings include a range of tank systems, recyclers, liquid mud plants, and drilling fluid temperature control units. 

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Refine your drilling fluid handling processes with our fit-for-purpose cuttings collection / conveying options; improve cuttings separation for optimum fluid recycling with our dewatering systems.

Welcome to DFE New Zealand Ltd, your premier destination for drilling fluids processing equipment and storage solutions. We take pride in delivering top-tier products tailored to meet the unique needs of your industry. Products that deliver on reliability, durability and longevity in even the toughest environments. 

Why choose us? We understand the critical role that effective drilling fluids management plays.  We combine decades of industry expertise with initiative, working closely with our clients to provide efficient solutions for optimal results. From compact designs for limited spaces to high-capacity systems for demanding projects, our range of processing equipment and mud tank solutions is diverse and customisable.

Here at DFE, we prioritise customer satisfaction. We are happy to guide you through the selection process, offering personalised advice to match your specific requirements. 

Explore drilling fluids processing and storage equipment with DFE New Zealand Limited. Contact us today to discuss how our solutions can optimise efficiency, enhance performance, and ensure the smooth operation of your projects.

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With local support, a strong safety culture and a unified team we are well placed to provide a quality service for our clients.  

We look forward to being of service to you. 

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