Maximise drilling fluids recovery with our cutting-edge line of decanting centrifuges, shale shakers, mud cleaners, and more! Engineered for excellence and endurance, our equipment redefines efficiency.

  • Decanting Centrifuges: Achieve effortless separation and clarity with our high volume centrifuges.

  • Shale Shakers and Screens: DFE shale shakers and screens redefine the game with their performance and durability. 

    • High-Performance Shakers: Elevate your workflow with our high-performance shakers, designed to handle the toughest tasks with ease. Experience reliability and efficiency at its peak.

    • SCR-Mini Linear Motion Shakers: Precision meets versatility with our mini linear motion shakers. Tailored for tight footprints, our mini shakers ensure the finest separation with minimal hassle.

    • DFE Shaker Screens: Manufactured for longevity, our replacement screens deliver superior performance, ensuring the finest separations in every application.

  • Desanders / Desilters: Our desanders and desilters excel in maximum fluid recovery.

  • Mud Cleaners: Keep your operations running smoothly with our advanced mud cleaners. 

  • Degassers: Our degassers remove gas from drilling fluids, providing a stable and safe operational environment.
DFE Centrifuge on land rig

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