Shale shakers are the first line of defence in removing drill cuttings from your valuable drilling fluid. DFE's range of High Performance High-G Shale Shakers offer superb screening capabilities with a robust construction to ensure it keeps on working when you are.

With up to 8.1 G on the screen deck, rapid cuttings transportation and efficient cuttings drying are assured even when drilling difficult formations. The low weir height 28" (710 mm) and low overall profile of the shaker make installation easy and its self-supporting base means minimal structural support is required. A deck angle range of -5 to +5 degrees is adjustable on the fly to optimise screening performance during variable drilling conditions. 

With stainless steel screen support beds, DFE shakers will withstand harsh and corrosive environments, outlasting other carbon steel shakers. Nitrile elastomers ensure compatibility with all drilling mud types.  Rugged, durable and reliable. 

DFE offer as a standard two categories of replacement screen mesh types for best performance:

  • RDX - long life oblong mesh
  • M     - ultrafine square mesh

DFE's shale shakers are naturally available in your operating voltage whether you are running 415 VAC 50 Hz or 600 VAC 60 or anything in-between. With IECEX, Atex, FM and CSA electrical certification you can be certain that your DFE High G shakers are in compliance with your country's hazardous area requirements. 

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