DFE's High Volume Centrifuge is a ruggedly constructed, low maintenance skid mounted decanter designed specifically for operation in harsh environments and remote locations.

The DFE 600 x 960 High Volume Centrifuge is unique in that the rotating bowl assembly is mounted separately from the skid via wedge type vibration isolators. This feature eliminates bowl frequency vibrations being transmitted to the electrical switchgear, hydraulic system and mounting platform.

The unit comes complete with either variable speed skid mounted electric feed pumps, or an integral hydraulic driven variable speed pump, controlled at the machine. The hydraulic pump system is well suited to installation where minimal space requirements are necessary, or where the location of the feed supply changes.

Centrifuge Specification / Overall Dimensions:

Height: 1550mm (61")
Width: 300mm (90")
Length: 3780 (149")
"G" Force: 2420 'G' @ 2600rpms
Bowl Diameter: 24" (600mm)
Overall Weight: 3750 Kgs (8270 lbs)
Motor Horsepower: various
Gearbox: Elliptical Type 140:1
Conveyor: Double start stainless steel composite
Operating Speed: 0-2600rpm - normal rpm for LGS

Electrical Specifications:

  • Explosion Proof
  • Class 1 - Division 1 Groups C and D
  • Class 2 - Division 1 Groups E, F and G
  • Boron tungsten carbide hard facing removal 1800-2200

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